GI Soothe Elixir™

Product Description

GI Soothe Elixir™ is a comforting liquid that helps soothe irritated mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract by forming a protective coating from the mouth into the lining of the entire digestive tract, promoting a healthy inflammatory response.  This is a very tasty formula offering easy compliance with your dog, cat or horse.

GI Soothe Elixir™ relaxes digestive muscles and encourages the GI tract to work properly again to promote a healthy bowel response.  For use with dogs, cats and horses.

 You will find the best results by administering the GI Soothe Elixir (directly in the back of the mouth of your pet) 15-30 minutes before meal time.  This will allow the constituents of the formula to handle the current inflammatory response positively, reduce spasmodic incidence and help he/she to feel good enough to eat the food.

Ingredients All Non-GMO *Slippery Elm Bark, *Mallow, *Nettle Seed w/Calyx, *Chamomile, *Licorice Root

Some of the constituents in this formula are extracted using a brew method with Distilled Water, some are extracted using Organic Grain Alcohol (Gluten Free) and then blended together, alcohol removed by decoction, Organic raw honey added. handmade in small batches, blended and packaged at our facility in Maine.


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