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Equine Probiotic & Digestive Enzyme Blend

$ 68.00

To ensure your horses healthy digestion and balanced immune system, our triple-action Prebiotic-Probiotic-Enzyme Complex gives you peace of mind that you will have your bases covered, all in one formula.  EQPD will help keep your horses complex digestive system thriving, and that will keep you smiling!
Provides support for the entire digestive tract from stomach to hind gut

EQPD scoop is packed with 10 billion active CFU's (colony forming unit) that strengthens your horses natural digestive process and intensely supports the immune system, while providing major daily support to fortify and balance your horses intestinal microflora. 

EQPD is ideal for a horse that has or will have changes in the diet or environment, is competing or cannot hold/gain weight, has a tick-borne disease such as Lyme or Anaplasmosis or has a tendency to colic with diet and seasonal changes.

 All Ingredients Non-GMO