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Canine Joint Works™

$ 34.00

This blend contains herbs and antioxidants that protect and preserve connective tissue and cartilage in affected joints, helping to restore normal function to deteriorating joints.

CJW promotes joint comfort and mobility.

Strong tendons, connective tissue and cartilage will help to support the joint for optimal movement and comfort in sporting dogs, active play and aging. 

Canine Joint Works™ is a very effective blend of herbs, superfoods and glucosamine that is specifically formulated to retain joint function. CJW helps to sustain healthy cartilage, connective tissue, joint structure & function.

All Ingredients Non-GMO


A proprietary herbal blend of: Certified Organic Amalaki, Certified Organic Boswellia Serrata, Wild crafted Soloman’s Seal Root, Certified Organic Ashwagandha, Certified Organic Eleuthero Root, Certified Organic Devil’s Claw, Certified Organic Hemp Hearts, Certified Organic Curcuma longa, Certified Organic Ginger Root, Glucosamine HCl (shellfish derived) 600 mg. per tsp.