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Checks & Balances™

$ 68.00

Equine Checks and Balances increases the body's response to stressors and helps to normalize adrenal fatigue.  Show horses and family pets alike are susceptible to adrenal fatigue, especially mares.  This may be caused by stress in the show ring, losing a pasture mate, feeling lonely, GMO'd grains, reaction to chemicals and/or vaccines, after foaling and many other factors.  When the "fight or flight" response is triggered often, an overproduction of cortisol may leave your horse depleted.  Checks and Balances™ may help bring that balance back. 

Herbs that are specific in regulating endocrine hormones are helpful in balancing mood swings in mares, while encouraging optimal homeostasis.

"I have never seen the light in my mares' eyes as I did after using Checks & Balances for just a little over 2 weeks, she is obviously feeling great and is happy."  Sarah B....